The Septimazo

Many Bogotanos nowadays hear the term “septimazo”, but they don’t really know what it means. Your relatives may say: “go to the septimazo that there you get what you want” and in reality they are absolutely right. The septimazo is the most fantastic market in all of Bogotá.

 The start of Carrera 7 in Plaza de Bolívar was during the day one of the most congested streets, saturated with noise pollution both from car horns and from the shouts of all kinds of vendors. In the old days, Friday afternoon would arrive, the sun would go down and Carrera 7 would be transformed for about 15 blocks into an entertainment plaza for all ages and all tastes.

Nowadays, those same blocks are only for pedestrians, which means that this market is seen daily, but with more flow starting from Thursday afternoon and its total peak on Sundays. Now, the cars have been replaced by thousands of pedestrians who pass daily and street artists stand out and music reigns every 3 meters away. If you want to know what both Bogota and Colombian artistic culture is, visit this space, you will find painters who make caricatures of you in 15 minutes, people who make your name on a grain of rice so that you can later carry it around your neck, singers of all kinds of Colombian music, Hip-hop groups, salsa and even bambuco. Human statues that will dazzle you, comedians, storytellers, 85-year-old dancers, among others.

Sounds interesting right? but let’s go to the Colonial period in Colombia to understand how this extravagant market emerged. Carrera 7 was called Calle Real and crosses the city from north to south, which is why it has always been a very representative route of Bogotá for its hundreds of demonstrations, civil and religious ceremonies that continue to this day. But the market as such, starts from the 40s where it was an old market square because it was where the famous Bogotá tram used to travel and had the largest flow of people in the city.

After the civil war called “El Bogotazo” in 1948, this tram ended but fortunately the market survived and evolved to make a cultural boom where the protagonists are the specialists of the search. If you want to have a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, walk through the blocks of the septimazo, you will find many people, yes, but you will also find security that will make you feel more comfortable if you do not know Bogotá.

From the point of view of many citizens, it is an unmissable experience and if you are interested in living it, contact us for an excellent tour, where this market would be a wonderful complement.

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