eliminate the panic trip to bogota d c

If you have thought at any time that your trip could be obstructed by some eventuality that you may not be able to control due to the unpredictability of many activities that you are going to carry out, or you are afraid of thoughts that make you think seriously about your decision to travel to a unknown destination, let me tell you that you suffer from the same malady that most people face in the face of an upcoming displacement; however, you must not let your worries weigh you down and deter you from choosing to enjoy a new place that you will vehemently never regret.

This inopportune and sometimes stable evil is not only presented by you, my dear traveler, it can be presented by a businessman who is a few hours away from supporting his best idea before a board of directors, the architect who hopes that the mega project he has been building pay off for a while or a student feeling nervous about an upcoming exam. It can be classified as stage fright before a trip, which is normal in the human body when facing a new challenge of which it does not know experimentally and in which it is going to venture, hoping that the results are as intended.

To face this new adventure that getting to know Bogotá means, it is enough to say that before traveling you have planned your trips, you have evaluated the possible unforeseen events and you know the basic characteristics of where you are going to travel. This will ensure your trip with a high percentage of success. The possible situations that may arise and that are discussed in subsequent links, will allow you to ensure that percentage of success, making your trip pleasant and not be truncated by lack of planning.

Thus, you must take into account variables such as the weather, which must be in accordance with the clothes that you previously packed in your suitcase, the local currency -which in Colombia is governed by the peso (COP)- the political situation -very stable with its buts as in any other city in the world- and the places you are going to visit and where you are going to move is vital for a pleasant trip.

Venture to let yourself be enchanted by the magic that Bogotá D.C. possesses. a city characterized by an endogenous historical legacy; by natural attractions exemplified in the eastern hills, wetlands and surrounding cities; for a business tourism that increasingly opens the doors to an opening of the market; and for the warmth of its people that is denoted in the kindness and pleasure in receiving each one of the visitors in the best way… Welcome to my city.

General characteristics:

Climate. Between 4-20 degrees Celcius
Local currency. Peso (COP=Colombian Peso)
Transportation. Transmilenio, SIPT, Taxis, Private Buses
Social context. Modern City

Places you have to visit:


Public sports, a good ally:

After evaluating these macro variables, we enter a more in-depth text where it is determined that although the means of transport in the Colombian capital do not fully please the displacements throughout the city, the Transmilenio buses, SITP (Integrated Public Transport System), of the public service; taxis; and they will leave you satisfied.

It is noteworthy that for the use of public service buses, direct payment is with local currency, that is, a bus, on average, costs $1,500, more or less three quarters of a US dollar; likewise, for payment on the Transmilenio trunks and SITP buses, a card must be purchased at any Transmilenio station for a value linked to the time of use, that is, $1,500 is paid if it is before 6:00 a.m. and after 7:00 pm or between 8:30 am to 9:30 am as well as from 3:30 to 4:30; If all this seems confusing and even illogical to you, well, it is one of the buts that I told you about our political situation, however, in a matter of time you can adapt to it. For the Taxi service, it is described that there are applications such as Tappsi or Easy Taxi -without the intention of advertising- available on Android and IOS platforms where it will allow you to enjoy your journey in a safer way.

So, and to give a final touch with ellipses to the recommendations, I advise you that when you arrive at El Dorado airport in Bogota, named after the history that the city has for the indigenous communities that populated it and that materializes in the lagoon of Guatavita that is of vital importance to visit, take a taxi provided in an area designated by the airport for your displacement or you can take the Transmilenio bus with route M86 that will direct you to the portal of Dorado, Transmilenio mega station, which covers various routes, the most outstanding being: J6, goes to the center of the city where you can visit La Candelaria and the environmental axis; B23 and B16, both to the north of the city where you can go to zone G and zone T, if you get on the first articulated route described, or arrive at the north portal where there are various buses for visiting neighboring cities that are characterized by its adventure tourism; M86, which will guide you through the entire Seventh Avenue to the Santa Bárbara shopping center, whose property was adapted to offer the best range of commercial products.

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