What to do in Fusagasugá?


Fusagasugá, also known as ‘Garden City of Colombia’, is the third most populous municipality in Cundinamarca. Festivals are held there such as: Expofusa, which is a great festival that was born in order to highlight elements such as gastronomy, livestock and culture of the region, which allows promoting small and medium-sized companies from the different points of Sumapaz; the Floral and Agroindustrial Festival, which is a regional showcase where companies have the opportunity to publicize their products/services and form links with other companies; the National Festival of Interpreters and Composers celebrated every year around traditional Cundiboyacense music; and the Festival of the Rumba Criolla that is made around this folklore born in the 30s under the influence of the coffee trade and the immigrants who arrived in the city (Alcaldía de Fusagasugá, s.f).

Activities in Fusagasugá

Well, why visit Fusa? The main reason why people visit this city is for the coffee tours, which is why the main attraction is the Hacienda Coloma, where it explains the process of making coffee, from harvesting to packaging. Also, there is the Green & Water Park, where an ecological tour is carried out that begins in an organic garden, then passes through a hollow tree, the cave of the tunjo, a waterfall, a forest, a stable and other places to finish in the viewpoint tasting lunch prepared in firewood. Other attractions that can be visited are the Nuestra Señora de Belén church, the House of Culture and the Municipal Library.

For City Bus it is important to highlight the culture of the region, so the tours were created around local experiences. This is why the Colombian coffee tour was created, where a tour of fusa is carried out, visiting local markets to learn about and taste the exotic fruits of the region; the Tequendama waterfall, being the most emblematic waterfall in the country and with many stories, myths and legends behind it. Finally, the Hacienda Coloma is visited, where the entire coffee experience will be lived. In addition, you will learn each of the processes that are carried out to turn a bean into coffee, from its collection to its preparation. An unmissable experience that reflects one of the most important cultures in the country.


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