What to do in Guatavita?


This municipality is aThis municipality is an ‘architectural complex’ that is more than 45 years old. Which was built with the purpose of replacing the old municipality that was buried in the water by the Tominé reservoir. In addition, it was the religious capital of the Muisca people and goldsmith production. This reservoir generates energy for nearby municipalities and is the largest supplier of water in Bogotá. Lake Guatavita, belonging to the municipality of Sesquilé; It was the site where the indigenous people performed worship ceremonies. There they threw their treasures into the lake, because for them gold was the way to approach their gods. The Spanish, learning of this, organized expeditions to extract the gold from the lagoon. They tried to drain it several times, until the high cost of these expeditions made them give up. So far a small part of this treasure has been recovered. However, it is thought that part of this treasure is still in this lagoon (Colombia Travel, s.f).

Activities in Guatavita

Mainly, the visit to the Laguna de Guatavita is mainly made, which is recommended to visit with a guide that transmits the importance of the ecosystem for the Muisca culture who will choose this lagoon as the center of the universe and the connection between the earthly and the world of the gods. . There is a tour of the town, a nature walk and the history of this place is heard. Also, you can visit the Indigenous Museum and the Guatavita Coffee Museum, where you can appreciate the exhibited works of art, objects, fossils and more about the customs and traditions of the Muisca culture; take bike tours; and sports activities such as sailing, paragliding and visiting local sites.

For City Bus it is one of the most important and unmissable destinations in Cundinamarca, since one of the most representative legends of the region is born here. For this reason, in City Bus we offer a tour where the town is visited, its history is explained and the work of the artisans is known. Later, the Guatavita lagoon is visited where the history of the Muiscas is told on a walk until reaching the lagoon. To complete this experience, a visit to the salt cathedral in the municipality of Zipaquirá is added.


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