What to do in Zipaquirá?


Zipaquirá is known as one of the oldest cities in Colombia, its temperature and climate constantly vary from hour to hour. This is one of the largest salt exploitation sites in the country, which is why it is called the ‘Salin Capital of Colombia’. There are celebrations such as the Zipaquirá Salinero Cultural Festival, where colorful parades, troupes, gastronomic and craft samples are seen; and the festival of the Virgen del Guasá, virgin of the miners, which is celebrated by them. This is an international celebration and for the 2021 edition Poland was the guest country (Zipaquirá In, s.f).

Activities in Zipaquirá

One of the most recognized attractions of this city is the salt mine that has several activities, including the miner’s route. This is an experience that lasts between 35 minutes to 1 hour that allows you to be a miner for a day, learn about geological formations and visit a viewpoint (Salt Cathedral, s.f). Other activities that can be done are visiting the Diocesan Cathedral, the Plaza de los Comuneros, the Plaza del Minero, the Finkana Park, the Checua Desert, the Zipaquirá Archaeological Museum, the Quevedo Zornoza House Museum, the Colonial Art Gallery, the Nukasa Ecopark, Zipaquirá Beach and many more wonderful places.

For this destination For this destination City Bus has a tour that allows you to visit the Salt Cathedral, see the specular pool, the history of this attraction in a kind of adapted cinema in the mine, and even try the climbing wall. After the visit to the mine, there is also time to go sightseeing in the different sites that the city offers and have lunch in one of the Zipaquirá country restaurants.


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