The 3 best coffees in Bogota

In the 20th century, coffee allowed Colombia access to imports; enter capitalism; develop river routes on the Magdalena River, the country’s main river, thus generating many jobs. In addition to this, since coffee plays a very important role in the culture and in the daily life of Colombians; We bring you the 3 best places to have a good coffee in Bogotá and enjoy a unique experience.


Located in the Gold Museum and on Calle 117 #6ª – 47 Usaquén offers the most awarded coffee in Colombia; Among these are “3 gold stars award for superior flavor” 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019; the “gold medal” 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019; “product of the year” 2011; “crystal award to flavor” 2014; “trophy for superior quality” 2016; “best exotic coffee” 2017; and “diamond award for flavor” 2018.

This café offers different experiences around the coffee world and exhibits the “quintuple selection”. This is made up of 5 additional actions to achieve the perfect flavor and consistency. The first is the selection of the fruits at their ripening point; then a selection is made by water flotation; This is followed by a manual selection of the wet parchment where only good quality almonds enter the drying process; then the almond selection process is carried out according to their size, weight, color and physical quality in the threshing process; Finally, a selection is made through a cup test, guaranteeing that the batch to be roasted has the characteristics of San Alberto coffee.

Coffee San Alberto
Coffee San Alberto


With offices at Calle 71 #10-47, Calle 70A #9-44 and Calle 69 #6-20; defines its coffee as “of exceptional quality that weaves authentic and powerful stories behind its cultivation and process; through our micro-regional hub, generating an unbreakable bond with each of the more than 10,000 coffee growers”. The recognized brands with which they work are Sol Naciente – Sierra Nevada; Agustino Forest – Huila; Tolima Volcano – Tolima; Inga Mystique – Nariño; Manaure – Serranía del Perijá; Bajo Ceiba – Santander; Beneficio Natural – Huila; Beneficio Honey – Nariño; Grand Bourbon Cru The Pink – Huila; Mandarina Queen Gesha – Etiopia; y Minga Caucana – Cordillera Occidental.

Café Cultor
Café Cultor


Located at Calle 93b #13-91, the A.V. Centenario Carrera 6 #30N-07, Carrera 9 #79a-23 and Calle 21 Norte #15-20. It has several mentions in the different newspapers of the world. As in the New York Times “Stop for a caffeine boost or chilli-ginger soda at Azahar Coffee Company, a new branch of one of the city’s artisan coffee companies”; in The Washington Post “The company uses some of the highest quality beans available, the kind that were almost always exported in the past.”

For its part, El Espectador mentions that “The task of this space is to share without competing, it is to dignify the roots, qualify, quantify and permeate the weaknesses of our peasants in order to give them an iota of the much-deserved justice they seek”; the Matador Network “It’s conscious coffee. This place, named after the flower of the coffee plant, is a good place to try Colombian coffee and transparently support its producers”; among others.

Azahar Coffee
Azahar Coffee

If you want to live an experience that brings together all these characteristics offered by these sites and see the coffee preparation process up close, book the tour offered by Citybus in Fusagasugá and go live an incredible experience in one of the best haciendas.

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