Known as the city of Caciques, with a high economic power in the pre-Hispanic and colonial period, today it is world-renowned for its Salt Cathedral, a mainly Catholic structure that receives thousands of tourists a year and is the first wonder of Colombia. And not only that, Zipaquirá has good gastronomy, nature, industry and other nearby attractions that you can enjoy.


Guatavita is one of the most valued attractions and yes or if you should know. The town, a territory built next to a water dam, is a town that evokes a colonial, white and cobbled concept that is very interesting to know. In addition, it has the famous Guatavita lagoon, where the representations of gratitude by the Muiscas indigenous were made to Pacha Mama.


Fusagasugá is a town with an indigenous history, where today there is a wide agricultural variety that unites the department with a diversity of aromas and flavors. In addition, it has one of the most famous coffee farms. To get to the site, we must pass through sacred places such as the Tequendama Falls and where ancestral stories can be heard.

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